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Policies and Procedures

Jordan Tardy Policy

Spring 2022 Tardy Policy & Procedure
Effective February 7, the following will be in place to support student on-time arrival to class:

Tardy Procedures:
During the first period of each day, students will be allowed to enter class for 30 minutes without a pass. After 30 minutes, tardy students will no longer be allowed on campus and will need to wait until the passing period to attend their next class*
After the first class of the day, teachers shall close their doors when the bell rings and require tardy students to receive a tardy sweep pass. For the first 20 minutes of the period, students may enter with a tardy sweep pass*. Students who are not in class by the 20-minute mark shall go to the intervention center (in the 500 stadium building).
Any student who enters class after the bell rings shall be marked tardy in synergy
*Students who arrive late for an excusable reason (ex: a medical or court appointment, with documentation) shall receive a pass from the front office and be allowed into their classes 

Tardy Sweep Procedures:
When the bell rings, our Campus Security Aides will “sweep” their building area for students who are not in class, and usher them to a tardy scan station, located in front of the 7000 and 1200 buildings. 
At the tardy scan station, supervision staff will collect the students’ information, provide a tardy sweep pass, and notify the student that they have a detention
Students will have 1 full school day to self-report to 30-minute detention in the Intervention Center after school or at Lunch. Students may also serve detention during an unscheduled period. Students must arrive to detention by 10 minutes after the bell rings.
Students who are no-shows to detention will receive a detention summons call slip
Students who fail to appear to their detention will receive further consequences

Unscheduled students on campus:
Unscheduled students at the beginning/end of the day must be off-campus
Exceptions are made for students who are reporting to a specific location such as the Media Center, Student Success Initiative room, etc - however, these students must report to their specific location by the end of the passing period, or go through the tardy sweep procedure
On Mondays only, students who have an unscheduled period prior to the end of their school day (period 2 and 7) must report to the bleachers, media center (if available), or another classroom (if allowed) by the end of the passing period

Safe Place to Learn

Safe Place

Uniform Complaint Procedure

For students, employees, parents/guardians, school and district advisory committee members, private school officials, and other interested parties

The Long Beach Unified School District annually notifies its students, employees, parents or guardians of its students, the district advisory committee, school advisory committees, appropriate private school officials, and other interested parties of the Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) process. The UCP Annual Notice is available on our website.

The Long Beach Unified School District is primarily responsible for compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, including those related to unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying against any protected group, and all programs and activities that are subject to the UCP (and any other state or federal educational program the State Superintendent of Public Instruction of the California Department of Education or designee deems appropriate):


Filing a UCP Complaint

A UCP complaint shall be filed no later than one year from the date the alleged violation occurred.

For complaints relating to Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAP), the date of the alleged violation is the date when the reviewing authority approves the LCAP or annual update that was adopted by our agency.

A pupil enrolled in any of our public schools shall not be required to pay a pupil fee for participation in an educational activity.

A pupil fee complaint may be filed with the principal of a school or our superintendent or their designee.

A pupil fee or LCAP complaint may be filed anonymously, that is, without an identifying signature, if the complainant provides evidence.

Responsibilities of the District

We shall post a standardized notice, in addition to this notice, with educational and graduation requirements for pupils in foster care, pupils who are homeless, pupils from military families and pupils formerly in Juvenile Court now enrolled in a school district.

We advise complainants of the opportunity to appeal an Investigation Report of complaints regarding programs within the scope of the UCP to the Department of Education (CDE).

We advise complainants of civil law remedies, including injunctions, restraining orders, or other remedies or orders that may be available under state or federal discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying laws, if applicable.

Copies of our UCP procedures shall be available free of charge.

For UCP Complaints Regarding State Preschool Health and Safety Issues Pursuant to Section 1596.7925 of the California Health and Safety Code (HSC)

In order to identify appropriate subjects of state preschool health and safety issues pursuant to Section 1596.7925 of the California Health and Safety Code (HSC) a notice shall be posted in each California state preschool program classroom in each school in our agency.

The notice is in addition to this UCP annual notice and addresses parents, guardians, pupils, and teachers of (1) the health and safety requirements under Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations (5 CCR) that apply to California state preschool programs pursuant to HSC Section 1596.7925, and (2) the location at which to obtain a form to file a complaint.

Contact Information

Complaints within the scope of the UCP are to be filed with the person responsible for processing complaints:

Kim Dalton, Director, Human Resource Services 1515 Hughes Way, Long Beach, CA 90810 562-997-8108

The above contact is knowledgeable about the laws and programs that they are assigned to investigate.

Title IX

Title IX