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Each one of the 15 industry sectors has two or more career pathways. A career pathway must include a sequence of academic and technical courses that challenge students in their academics and develop technical skills in a curricular area. Jordan has three small learning communities and two specialized programs that have CTE standards embedded in their curriculum.


Career Technical Education


Industry Sectors

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Arts, Media, and Entertainment

Building Trades and Construction

Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Energy and Utilities

Engineering and Design

Fashion and Interior Design

Finance and Business

Health, Science and Medical Technology

Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation

Information Technology

Manufacturing and Product Development

Marketing, Sales, and Service

Public Services


CTE Teachers / Perkins Members
Contact Dave Barclift  Dave Barclift (562) 997-8000 ex: 2150 stage office or 2153 stage Stage Technician
Contact Tabitha Baskin  Tabitha Baskin Teacher
Contact Bruce Burgess  Bruce Burgess Teacher
Contact Erin Davis  Erin Davis Teacher
Contact Frederick Dizon  Frederick Dizon Teacher
Contact Joyce Geib  Joyce Geib Teacher
Contact Matthew Hedley  Matthew Hedley Teacher
Contact Patricia Hinkson  Patricia Hinkson Teacher
Contact Jodi Irish  Jodi Irish ex: 2283/2282 Teacher
Contact Frank Romero  Frank Romero Teacher
Contact Christina Townsend  Christina Townsend Teacher


Small Learning Communities and Specialized Programs

ACE Academy Architecture, Construction, and Engineering

AIMS Academy Aspirations in Medical Science

BESTT Business Education, Sports, Travel & Tourism

JMAC Jordan Media and Communications

Law Education Academy of Panthers