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Enjoying the Campus


John Underkoffler


JMAC student strikes a pose as she thinks about her future.

Fast and Fantastic 2010

On Friday, November 5th, 2010 JMAC students boarded a bus to CSULB to the digital media workshop called The Fast and Fantastic. Students from all over LBUSD were invited to attend this annual conference and had the opportunity to view and interact with people working in the Digital Media Arts Industry.

Stacy Walker enjoying the bus ride.

The first speaker , John Underkoffler, dazzled students with his G-Speak presentation. G-Speak allows participants to control multiple computers and screens using gestures. He has worked on films like Minority Report, The Hulk, and Iron Man.

Random Moments at CSULB

Lunch Time

Fine Arts Locker Room


Gale Bartalos

Special Make-Up Effects

Food Court

Students had the choice of attending a graphic design or special effects presentation. After these sessions, students had lunch and then the next presentation focused on the key elements of successful animation.

Elizabeth, Rene, and Manuel  enjoy the G-Speak presentation.