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  Del Cid Michelle Tiffany

Band Student

JMAC student

JMAC Students

JMAC Variety Show 2009

JMAC seniors strike a pose for the 2009 JMAC Variety Show 

JMAC students were able to share their talents and skills in their JMAC classes on December 17, 2009 at the 1st Annual JMAC Variety Show. Students worked eagerly for weeks in all phases of video pre production, production and post production to create two music videos, The Twelve Days of Xmas and Guitar Hero. All students assisted in set decoration to create a festive ambience and the lighting sequences created for the show were phenomenal. Students worked many hours painting and reconstructing set decoration pieces such as antlers for the deer, toy soliders , and street lights. Our own JMAC seniors wrote out their lines for their emcee positions and volunteered themselves to create some entertainment for a hard working small learning community. During the Variety Show, students photographed the event while others were in charge of taping the event. The Stage Crew and Video Production students were able to plan, produce, and work the show in every phase thus making it and educational experience. Who says you can't have fun and learn?