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JMAC 2016 - 2017

JMAC, Jordan's Media and Communications Small Learning Community, is gearing up for another exciting year here at J-Town! JMAC students have many opportunities to be involved in Work Based Learning (WBL) projects/activities that will enable them to go to college or find employment after high school. Last year JMAC juniors and seniors completed interdisciplinary projects that involved their English, History, and Career Tech Ed (CTE) classes. Students  participated in the Cherry Hill Film Festival at the Art Theater, many work based learning opportunities, and participated in 3 Mock Job Interviews with our JMAC Business Partners. JMAC students won Best Movie Trailer at the Film Festival and Best Youth Sandy Award with the city of Long Beach. JMAC teachers meet regularly to refine curriculum, student projects, and outcomes that reflect the new Common Core Standards and CTE Standards. The JMAC team will also continue to collect and analyze student data to improve grades, student participation, and graduation rates! JMAC teachers and students worked really hard for their Linked Learning Certification Visit in December 2012.... and JMAC was officially certified in June 2013! GO JMAC! 

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The JMAC LAB is running Adobe CS5.5! The Master Suite Collection includes all Adobe software including After Effects. Mr. Hedley and Ms. Irish have attended multiple trainings in Final Cut Pro, Motion, Adobe Photo Shop, Illustrator and After Effects. JMAC teachers look forward to working on interdisciplinary projects with students in the lab this year! The lab will be open after school for students to work on projects and assignments.

New Panasonic Switcher

8 Channels 

JMAC Students Working and Playing

JMAC is a technology driven small learning community at J-Town. Our students on the main campus work with the same group of teachers for three years in both core and elective classes. JMAC electives include Graphic Arts, Stylus Magazine, Video Production, and Stage Production. By all means we are not the “talent” but we are talented and without us... any type of production would be mediocre at best. Students have many opportunities to work on productions and can earn service learning hours both on and off campus. JMAC’s small team of teachers work very close to create lessons and projects that are technology based. Teachers are well trained and have sought out many sources to try and keep up with current technology practices and equipment. JMAC works arduously to build a positive learning community among the teachers, students, parents, and staff. JMAC continues to connect with our local community colleges and business that focus on digital media arts programs so that students will be prepared to go to post secondary institutions or find employment in the Digital Media Arts Industry. GO JMAC!

JMAC Grads 2013

Nikon D-7000


Barclift, Dave
Stage Technician

Del Cid, Sandra
English Teacher

Gomes, Whitney
History Teacher

Hedley, Matt
Graphic Arts 

Irish, Jodi
Video Production 

Panasonic HD Video Cam

New Equipment

The 2011 LBCC winner for the Best High School Film goes to... a JMAC senior, director of J Saw. Congratulations!