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JMAC Booths


Strawberry Lemonade







Pokey Ramune


Save the World

Pie in the Face


Running Club


"TORTA" Gets Creamed!

JMAC Student attempted more than 30 times to hit the teachers in the face...pobrecito! Better luck next year! Thuney managed to sneak up on the unsuspecting "Torta" to show him what it felt like to be creamed! Good times!

Spring Fling

JMAC Teachers Get Whacked in the Face for a Great Cause!

On April 3, 2009 JMAC teachers and students participated in the annual Jordan Spring Fling. JMAC had a variety of food and beverages including tacos, strawberry lemonade, and churros. JMAC teachers also sponsored the Running Club, Stylus, Manga Club, and the Save the World Club.  All JMAC teachers participated in the "Save the World"  booth and all the proceeds are going to the hospital in India that Mr. Bruna is helping to build. All who participated had a great time and all booths sold out!! Way to go JMAC!

JMAC students assisted in all the booths! Students served the famous "Strawberry Lemondade" and warm Churros. Jacinto and his parents brought an awesome taco set-up for chicken and carne asada tacos. JMAC students also assisted in applying whipcream to sponges for the Save the World Booth. JMAC students rock!

Spring Fling Shots