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12th Grade Outstanding Excellence Overall in JMAC

Jaime Gonzalez

Karina Cervantes

Yessica Garcia

Sofia Amaro

Joan Dacara

Jazmine Delgado

Theody Ferrer

Chatara Hall

Jeremy Lashley

Mallory Magana

Irene Mota

Israel Ochoa

Shaun Randolph

Jessica Rodriguez

Jessica Seiler

Jessica Sparks

Vincent Sumiguin

Alejandro Trevino

Yessenia Vasquez

Briana Velarde 


JMAC 2012 Graduation / Senior Awards


Congratulations to the Class of 2012. We are all very proud of you! Good luck in school and work and and remember to dream big! JMAC teachers are always here for you - so come back and say "hello" and talk to the JMAC students. We will miss you greatly! You were an exceptional class!

JMAC Seniors Going To University Or Military

Jessica Seiler - Musician's Institute

Chatara Hall - CSUDH-UC Davis

Alejandro Trevino - Sacramento State

Jessica Rodriguez - CSULB

Theody Ferrer - CSULB

Taylor Morgan - United States Marine Corps

Jose Sanchez - United States Marine Corps

Andrew Kincherlow - United States Marine Corps

Jaime Gonzalez - United States Marine Corps

Sofia Amaro - San Diego State University

Jazmin Delgado - CSULB

Shaun Randolph - CSU East Bay

Irene Mota- CSULB

Karina Cervantes -CSULB 

JMAC Senior Awards

Globe Trophy/Medal of Merit

 Stage Crew



JMAC Senior Awards



Jessica Sparks 

Amalee You

Jazmin Delgado 

Yesenia Vasquez

Stage Crew

Nancy Carillo 

Rene Montalvo 

Jessica Seiler 

Alejandro Trevino 

Karina Cervantes

Taylor Morgan 

Elias Munoz 

Joshua Valencia 

Adonis Williams 

Richard Young


Video Production

Richard Young 

Vincent Sumiguin 


Sonia Flores 

Joshua Valencia

Rene Montalvo