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Japanese American National Museum

JMAC Students

JMAC 11th and 12th graders had the opportunity to visit and study at the Japanese American National Museum in May of 2012. Students explored Little Tokyo in the morning and then were given a guided tour of life for the Japanese Americans before, during, and after World War II. Students participated in Japanese Origami Art projects and in the traditional Japanese  Taiko Drumming. After the Taiko presentation, students were able to participate in the newest exhibition, Fighting for Democracy.

Taiko Drumming Presentation


Fighting for Democracy Exhibition

Origami Art

Little Tokyo

Fighting for Democracy is an experiential exhibition that uses World War II as a case study to begin discussion about how women and minorities have expanded the meaning of “we” in “we, the people.” It features the experiences of seven real people and traces their story throughout the pre-war, war, and post-war periods as examples of the millions of Americans whose lives were affected by the war and how each sought equal rights for their families and communities.


Fighting for Democracy Exhibition

The purpose of the exhibition is to provide an interactive tool and discussion piece for educators and their students. JMAC students were able to interact with other students and use technology to increase their knowledge about history.