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Job Fair 2013

On May 29th, 2013, JMAC hosted their 2nd Annual Job Fair. JMAC students spent over a month in their CTE classes preparing resumes and discussing the following topics: Professional Work Attire, Interview Techniques, Posture, Attitude, and Overall Preparation for Marketing themselves in the workforce for future employment. A variety of business and industry professionals were invited to participate in the Mock Interview Process. After the mock interviews, there was a discussion held to talk about: the pros and cons of the mock interviews, how to better prepare for the future, what employers are truly looking for in an employee, the process of self-marketing, using technology, and using social media appropriately as employers are investigating future employees by researching their postings on a variety of social media sites. Go JMAC!

JMAC would like to thank the following industry professionals for attending: Angelo Barrera, Arthur Guzman, Corey Host, Dale Saeger, Robert Grubbs, Danny Miller, Joshua Valencia, Lareina Joelle, Louis Vrabel, Michael Chapman, Narayanan Pagaldipti, Roger Waterman, to name a few.