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"I was a student who attended AIMS when I attended Long Beach Jordan's Class of 1997.   I am proud to say that I have been a pediatric RN for 10 years. AIMS is truly an excellent program training students for the real world.  Keep up the good work!" 

--Shantae Scott C/O 1997

AIMS Academy

AIMS Academy


Healthcare Simulation Program Flyer Available on AIMS Website!

Seniors--Apply for Scholarships!

Seniors!  The cost of a college education doesn't have to place you or your family in financial jeopardy.  You can apply for schoarships to help deflect the cost of higher education!  Remember, LOANS have to be paid back.  Go to the career center for a list of available scholarships.  Here is one that you all will be able to apply for since you all do so much community service.  Due on February 9, 2015.

 It is worth the effort to write the essays and fill out the applications!  You always told me that you don't get paid for doing homework or writing essays, but now you can! :)  Don't delay!  Get to work on these NOW...your checkbook or your parent's bank account or credit cardf will thank you later!!!

Simulators like the one pictured above,are highly sensitive and intelligent robots that allow students to practice important medical skills without the risk of harming "real" people.  AIMS students will have the opportunity to work with these "robots" during the Simulation Course which is being made possible through a partnership with Long Beach Unified School District, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, and Long Beach City College.

Calling all AIMS Alumni...

Keeping in touch with our AIMS Alumni is more important than you know!  When we hear from you, it warms our hearts and inspires us to continue the hard work we do.  Some of you drop us an email from time to time letting us know what you are doing; others have donated time coming back to share your stories with the underclassmen.  Whether you can donate time to come back and speak to the underclassmen, send funds to be used toward our scholarship program, or just drop us an email, we love to hear from you!

AIMS Locker
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