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 Secondary Specialized Programs



Architecture, Construction,

& Engineering Academy

Aspiration in Medical Services International Baccalaureate
2.0 GPA and Strong Math/Science Skills Recommended ACE provides work-based learning experiences that prepare students for university and future careers in architecture, construction, and engineering. 2.0 GPA Recommended AIMS Academy is for any college bound student who is interested in investigating the medical field through academic and hands-on experience. 3.0 GPA Recommended This rigorous honors program is recognized and respected by colleges and universities worldwide. It is a natural extension for students already taking IB, honors, accelerated or GATE coursework in middle school.
Contact: Kathi Nugal Contact: Kelly Meade Contact: Kimberly Johnson-Agulto




Small Learning Communities


Business and Entertainment School of Travel, Trade, & Tourism Excellence Through the Arts Jordan’s Media & Communication Learning Community Law, Education, and Public Service
Our mission is to empower and prepare students for life beyond high school and college by offering rigorous courses focused on Global Travel and Tourism in the areas of Computer Literacy, Finance, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, and Hospitality Management. ETA is a program of like-minded, artistic individuals in a supportive and creative community, perfecting talents and expanding artistic scope. Students focus on the arts all four years of high school. Students are supported by peers and teachers through: mentoring, attendance at special artistic events and performances, guest speakers, field trips, and core class work.

JMAC is a small learning

community that prepares

students for success in the 21st century with technical and academic skills. Students learn how to use the latest technology in graphic design, publishing, and video production. JMAC students use state of the art equipment to produce Stylus (Jordan’s literacy and art magazine) and JNET (Jordan’s news and video production)

LEAP aspires to graduate empowered citizens by offering relevant academic content, utilizing AVID strategies, and exploring career options in legal and educational professions.
Contact: Kellie Hodge Contact: Tiffany Gardea Contact: Jodi Irish Contact: Bari Steven-Chapman