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Service Learning

Service learning

Service Learning Guidelines

  • If you find a listing on the district Service Learning web page, that you are interested in, get started early. Some agencies only accept a few students at a time, so do not procrastinate if you find something that interests you.
  • Be flexible. Look sharp. One aspect of Service Learning is working with people. Represent yourself and your school in a positive way. • Participate in any classroom discussions about Service Learning that come up at your school. Share your thoughts and experiences with others. This will help you deal with any new situations and you can gain insight from other student's experiences.
  • If you are working with an agency, communicate effectively with the people you work with. If you don't understand something, be honest. If you need better directions, ask for clarification. If you still need assistance, talk to the school Service Learning Coach, they can help you solve problems.
  • If you are working at a convalescent home or hospital and you find yourself feeling emotional because of a patient's condition, contact the supervisor of the agency, or the Service Learning Coach at your school. They can help you decide if the placement is appropriate for you.
  • While providing service to the community and linking it with academics is the goal of Service Learning, we encourage you to reflect on other challenges that may arise.
    • Time-management struggles
    • Interpersonal relationships
    • Uncovering new talents and skills
    • Developing leadership abilities These experiences should help you learn more about yourself and will be valuable when considering skills needed to succeed in college and the workforce.
  • Anytime you feel uncomfortable or question an employee’s actions, talk to your parents, Service Learning Coach, or your school counselor right away

Acceptable Service Learning

  • Coursework
  • Service Clubs
  • Special Events
  • Special Activities at School 
  • Community Agencies
    • Examples include Carpenter Center, Cabrillo Maritime Museum, LB Symphony and the Museum of Latin American Art.
  • Design Your Own Project; Some of you may see a need in the community and want to design your own service project.
    • Examples might be to gather blankets for the homeless or advocate for a community garden. 
  • Community Service Clubs/Agencies and Scouting; If you are already involved with a community group that performs service, or a member of a scouting group, or you are already volunteering at a local convalescent home, hospital or museum, that service will also meet the needs of this initiative.

More information about these projects is available in the document above titles "Acceptable Types of Service Learning"