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Social Science Department

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide students with an understanding of History/Social Science as a story well told, in order to promote lifelong learning, critical thinking, effective communication, and informed decision-making. We promote respect for cultural and philosophical diversity, and strive to ensure that students become active and productive members of society.


Department Head

Contact Maryann Gleason  Maryann Gleason (562) 423-1471 ex: 2290 Social Science Dept. Head
Deparment Members
Contact Eduardo Baligad  Eduardo Baligad Teacher
Contact Whitney Gomes  Whitney Gomes Teacher
Contact Jeffrey Johnson  Jeffrey Johnson ex: 2232 Teacher
Contact Chuong La  Chuong La (562) 423-1471 ex: 2296 Teacher
Contact Susan Markey  Susan Markey Teacher
Contact Rogelio Martinez  Rogelio Martinez Teacher
Contact Bari Stevens-Chapman  Bari Stevens-Chapman Teacher
Contact Jane Suh  Jane Suh (562) 423-1471 ex: 2447 Teacher