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Teacher and students

Science Faculty

The 13 science instructors at Jordan are exceptionally gifted at helping students discover the wonders of science through inquiry-based teaching and work collaboratively as a team to develop student-centered, engaging real-world curriculum.

To contact an instructor, click on their name below.

Boukris, Lamine

Biology 1-2, Anat/Phys, Zoology

  • Rm 1208, ext. 2238

Chalker, Kalvin

Biology 1-2, Marine Biology 1-2

  • Rm 1303,  ext. 2243

Hoyos, Gerald

Biology 1-2  SDAIE, Biology 1-2

  • Rm 1206, ext. 2236

Hunt, Susan

IB chem DP, IB Chem MYP

  • Rm 1304, ext. 2244

Meade, Kelly

Medical Chemistry 1-2, Epidemiology & Public Health

  • Rm 1308, ext. 2248

Nugal, Kathi

Environmental GeoScience 1-2

  • Rm 1307  ext 2247

Paulsen, Carynn

Engineering, Physics 1-2

  • Rm 1204, ext. 2234

Rash, Kelly

Environmental GeoScience 1-2, Co-Dept Head

  • Rm 1306, ext 2246

Sandoval, Jesus

Chemistry 1-2

  • Rm 1305, ext. 2245

Sampson, Serena  Envi GeoScience 1-2, Forensics, Master Gardner,

  • Rm 1205, ext. 2035

Van Divort, Alan

IB Biology 1-2, AP Environmental, Biology 1-2

  • Rm 1203, ext. 2233

Williams, Tracy

Medical Biology 1-2, EnviGeoSci 1-2,  Anat/Phys Co-Dept Head

  • Rm 1302, ext 2242

Homework & Research Help


Anatomy/Physiology Animations/quizzes

Biology Online Textbook - Prentice Hall

Biology Student Website - by Miller & Levine

Biology Project - Online Learning

IB Biology Review Guide

Chemistry Study Guide

Earth Science Study Guide - Investigations, animations, data, current news on the top pull-down menu

Environ. Science Guide

Marine Bio Study Guide


The best in online animations for Biology, Physics & Environmental Science

How Stuff Works

Challenge yourself: quizzes, games, puzzles, videos, animations on all science

National Geographic Education

Current topics, interactive multimedia for science

We Can Do It
Nature Walk

"Nature Walk & Habitat Restoration" @ Jack Dunster Marine Biological Reserve

When: 2nd Saturday of every month, 10am – 12pm
Get Directions

(562) 570-3100

Description: Habitat Restoration at the Jack Dunster Marine Biological Reserve! Please wear close-toed shoes, work clothes and we'll provide water but you need to provide the container. Contact Cris for more information: or check out the website

El Dorado

El Dorado Nature Center: Saturday Stewards

Join us from 10am to noon 1st Saturday of each month

Location: 7550 E. Spring Street, Long Beach, CA 90815.

Gain Service Learning Hours and help the environment! Come and help with the restoration and cleanup of our wonderful nature center. Wear sturdy shoes, bring water, and wear sun protection. Rain cancels. For more information, contact Erin Kelly or Brooke Davis @ Pre-registration is required (562) 570-1745


Science Department

Science Mission Statement

The goal of science education at Jordan is to develop in all students a process of thinking which encourages curiosity, accurate observation and interpretation of their surroundings and open-mindedness. Using their scientific knowledge and skills, students will become better decision-makers, citizen scientists and have a greater appreciation and enjoyment of life in our rapidly changing technologically scientific world.


Jordan Offers a Wide Variety of Science Courses

  • Biology 1-2,  Biology 2, IB Biology, Medical Biology, Marine Biology
  • Forensic Science
  • Anatomy/Physiology
  • Lab Earth Science
  • Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science
  • Chemistry, IB Chemistry, Medical Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Engineering
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Epidemiology and Public Health
  • Zoology

Scholarship Opportunities

More information is available in the College and Career Center

1) The Ayn Rand Institute:Essay Contests (gifts  for educators, as well)

2) American political Science Assoc, networking a world of scholars
    (multiple scholarships, programs opportunities)

3) World Learning--Study Abroad Scholarships

4) Multiple List of Minority Scholarships
5) College Scholarships for All Minorities

Jordan Plus Organic Garden

The organic garden located adjacent to the Jordan Plus campus was started in 2003 by Mr. Sourbeer when the campus was The Freshmen Academy.  In the 2012-13 year Serena Stevens began working on the Jordan main campus and joined Sourbeer in the efforts to up-keep the freshman academy garden.  Serena was assigned to teach Earth Science at the former Jordan Plus campus (previously, The Freshman Academy) for the 2013-17 school year. When she acquired the keys to the garden Serena began working on it throughout that summer; a volunteer list was created before summer break, so students could help her out during that summer to improve the garden. Since that time she has had students complete many service learning hours in the garden.  It will forever be a work in progress and a place to watch nature at its best.

   They like to call their garden the Agrow-Culture Garden.  It was originally the Phat Habitat, then S.O.U.L Garden (Sourbeer).  They have hopes and dreams to have chickens and other farm animals, so agriculture was a better term for them to use.  This evolved into “Agrow-Culture”, which Serena feels has a hopeful and accurate description of her gardeners!

   This is what they are growing so far:  Grapes (2 varieties), aloe vera, tomatoes, lavender, sage, thyme (regular and lemon), tarragon, lemon balm, mint, collard greens, ginger, sugar cane, 2 orange trees, 2 avocado trees (one baby and another small one), guava tree, loquat tree,  rosemary, lemon verbena, roses, cotton, lions tail, strawberries, luffah, nopales, oregano, lettuce, a few California Native plants, sunflowers, watermelon, pinto beans, purple podded beans, lentil beans, bee balm, pineapple plants, jalapeno’s, blackberries, borage, calendula, pumpkins, basil, amaranth, hollyhock, vetch, westeria, zucchini.... and several things that are trying to take over.

Volunteer Opportunities

Science Locker
4/16/09 3:54 PM
4/15/09 2:17 PM
9/23/09 9:29 AM
5/2/09 6:38 AM
9/23/13 10:37 AM
4/18/09 9:56 PM
4/18/09 10:17 PM
5/31/09 7:38 AM
3/19/14 1:34 PM
4/15/09 3:47 PM
4/15/09 6:44 PM
4/16/09 7:30 AM
4/16/09 12:44 AM
4/28/09 1:37 AM
Field Trip

College Links


"Adopt a Wetland" at Golden Shores Marine Biological Reserve

When: 3rd Saturday of the month, 10am – 12pm

Get park directions

Meet by the Catalina Terminal on 101 Golden Shore Drive

401 Golden Shore, Long Beach, CA 90802

Help keep one of two Long Beach Los Cerritos Wetlands pollution-free and earn Volunteer Hours! The estuary is a critical food source for migrating birds and is a nursery for coastal fish. Sponsored by the Port of Long Beach and the Friends of Los Cerritos Wetlands.  All equipment and snacks are provided!

Contact Cris for more information: or check out the LCWS website.

Beach Clean-Up
Student working

Science Supply Houses