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Jordan Math Support Locker
10/3/13 10:12 AM
10/3/13 10:12 AM
10/3/13 10:13 AM
Contact Steven Cucaj  Steven Cucaj Teacher
Contact Ofelia Gonzalez  Ofelia Gonzalez (562) 423-1471 ex: 2179 Teacher
Contact Greg Hodel  Greg Hodel Teacher
Contact Kellie Hodge  Kellie Hodge Teacher
Contact Andrew Lane  Andrew Lane Teacher
Contact Peder Larsen  Peder Larsen (562) 423-1471 ex: 2732 Teacher
Contact Maria Lopez Sheldon  Maria Lopez Sheldon (562) 423-1471 ex: 2728 Teacher
Contact Deidra Lukoff  Deidra Lukoff Teacher
Contact Peter Ly  Peter Ly (562) 423-1471 ex: 2737 Teacher
Contact Emma Mora  Emma Mora Teacher
Contact My Ngoc Nguyen  My Ngoc Nguyen ex: 2191 Math Teacher/ Badminton Coach
Contact Eric Patterson  Eric Patterson Teacher
Contact Melinda Ramsey  Melinda Ramsey Teacher
Contact Erica Ussery  Erica Ussery Teacher
Contact Tru Vu  Tru Vu ex: 2402 Teacher

Jordan Math Support


Math Support

Username:  math       Password:   lbusd

Practice Test with Video Tutorials for every problem!!!

Tools for Mathematics


Access iLearn resources

Username:  math
Password:  lbusd

Video tutorials for every example in the textbook for Algebra 1-2, Geometry, and Intermediate Algebra.

LBUSD Homework Helpline


M-Th 4-6:30
Our Teachers work the Helpline!!!
M-W   Ms.  Ussery
Th    Mr. Hodel

Algebra 1-2 Textbook

Username: math1104

Password: math1104


Geometry Textbook

Username: CCSSGeometry

Password: Jordan1


Accelerated Geometry

Username: lbusd

Password: math


Intermediate Algebra Textbook

Username: CCSSIntAlgebra

Password: Jordan1