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Bryan Carter


I am a husband, father of two wonderful daughters, and a growthucator (at teacher who cultivates growth). I have been in the classroom for 14 years and 6 of those years have been at Jordan High School. This year I teach AP English Literature and Composition and English Language Arts 5-6. I spend my energy growing culturally, socially, emotionally, and academically vibrant learning communities.


I work to grow college and career ready learners. Daily, I guide learners to read deeply and widely from a variety of creative and informational texts from all over the globe, to write with style and purpose, listen/speak for the 21st century and beyond, and research with an independent quest for understanding.   


When learners learn with me they will read from many different texts, go on field experiences to expand their view of themselves and the world, write with clarity and precision, and give engaging oral presentations using multiple forms of media. We accomplish this vision by growing as learners and leaders. We reflect on our own work, seek out opportunities to grow through learn, receive and give corrective and supportive feedback from others, and work independently and with others. As a result, students will use literacy as a way of life beyond the classroom. 


  • California State University, Fullerton - BA, Argumentation and Persuasion  

  • ​Multnomah Seminary - MDiv, Interpretation of Ancient Texts and Public Discourse​

  • National University - MEd, Teaching Best Practices


conference period: 7 & 8