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Carrie Beltran

Who is Ms. Beltran?

Mrs. Beltran is a native of Long Beach, California and attended Emerson Elementary, followed by Stanford Middle School.  After graduating from Wilson HS, she later attended Cerritos College and California State University, Long Beach, where she received her Bachelor's degree and teaching credentials.


As a first year teacher starting out in the fall of 2007, she taught mathematics at the high school level at her alma mater.  Fast forward 5 years later, Mrs. Beltran continued teaching math courses such as Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 at Jordan-Plus HS for the next 4 years.  During her time at Jordan-Plus, she earned her Master's degree in Leadership and Administration from Capella University.


She then transitioned to Jordan HS (main campus) during the last year that Jordan-Plus was open.  She then took on the role of a lead teacher for the ACE Pathway (Architecture/ Advanced Manufacturing, Construction & Engineering).  To emphasize on expanding the ACE Pathway, Mrs. Beltran organized a female engineering group, called Jordan Femineers in Spring 2019, that focus on concepts of engineering and robotics.  The curriculum is adopted from the Femineer program at Cal Poly Pomona.


Currently, she is at the end of of her 12th year of teaching mathematics in LBUSD.  She loves being in the classroom and hope to reach more students as she ventures out in the ACE Pathway.  Mrs. Beltran's classroom is upstairs, in the new building, room 1316.  If you happen to be on campus, feel free to stop by and visit her in her- All are welcome!

Mrs. Beltran
Mrs. Beltran