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Stephanie Osborne Locker

Stephanie Osborne

Welcome to Mrs. Osborne's Room!

Best Buddies Art Show May 30 2019 at the Museum of Latin American Art.


Contact Information

Best Time to contact Mrs: Osborne: 9:00-9:30 AM. 11:30-12:00 PM

Conference Period 8.

Phone: (562) 423-1471 ext. 2253


About Me

Mrs. Osborne has been teaching at Jordan High School since 2012.  She holds a Clear Credential in Special Education, a Bachelor's degree in Music, summa cum laude from UCLA, and a Master's Degree in music from Indiana University School of Music.

Parent Resources

Harbor Regional Center  Services and Support for people with disabilities



California Children's Services: Support for Children with medical and or physical disabilities.

(800) 288-4584


Cal-Tash Information and Advocacy for persons with severe disabilities.


Bet Tzedic: Assistance with conservatorship  ( 323) 939-0506