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Stephanie Espeleta Locker

Stephanie Espeleta


I graduated from CSULB with a Bachelor's Degree in English, Literature Option in 1990. I went on to complete a Secondary Teacher Credential also from CSULB. After college I volunteered in Latvia as a Peace Corps volunteer before attending the University of Salamanca, Spain where where I studied Spanish Language.


I have taught in LBUSD for over 20 years and have been at Jordan for 16. I have taught many different courses including Yearbook, Honors and regular English courses as well as Reading, ELD and Speech Communications. I currently teach AP Seminar, IB English HL1 and LEAP Study Lab.


As a resident of Long Beach, I am excited to teach in LBUSD and especially at Jordan. I look forward to seeing my students everyday and strive to provide the best education I can for them.