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Melissa Brookman

Class Syllabus for 19-20

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page!  The syllabus was already reviewed with all students in the first few days of class as well as in class the following week for those who added the class late.  If you have questions, the best way to contact me is through School Loop - LoopMail.  Thank you! Dr. B


Dance Syllabus:


KPE Syllabus:

Dr. Brookman

Hello and Welcome!


I'm Dr. Melissa Brookman and I currently teach Fitness and Conditioning and Dance.  I have been at Jordan for 28 years as a teacher (PE, Dance, Math, Study Lab), WASC Coordinator, SLC Coordinator, Dean of Discipline, Summer School Lead, and ACE Program Facilitator.  That just about covers it! 


When I am not teaching I spend my time at the beach, hang with my family, and working out - Breathe Yogis. I am loving life and living it to the fullest!  I must also add that I love to go to school and learn!! I have a B.A. in Theater Arts/DANCE, M.A.E. in Education Leadership, and an ED.D in Education Leadership.  My next venture is to be fully bi-lingual, maybe tri-lingual.


Thanks for stopping by!!

Dr. Melissa Brookman



Yoga Article

Welcome to Yoga -


This article focuses on the what, why, and how of being prepared as a beginning yogi!

Healthy Eating Article

Please read and take notes on the following article



Here is our workout schedule for the next 2 weeks - Don't forget to bring your Tennis Shoes /Water on Mondays for our Fitness Mondays outside.


Mon 3.19- Fitness Outside

Tues 3.20- Pool

Wed 3.21- Pool / SAT TESTING

Thurs 3.22- Pool

Fri 3.23 - Pool

Mon 3.26 - Fitness Outside

Tues 3.27 - Pool

Wed 3.28 - Pool

Thurs 3.29 - Pool


Bring - swimwear, flip flops, shower cap, towel, deoderant/toiletries

See you Monday - Dr. B


Thurs - March 15th we will have our first water workout in the pool!! We are grateful to have our new lifeguard - Phil on deck to keep us safe! Bring your swimwear, towel, flip flops, swim/shower caps, and a bag for wet clothes. You will have extra time to rinse off and change for your next class.



We meet in roll call order on the pool bench at the PE tardy bell - Don't be late we won't open the doors


Unique Yoga Poses 1

Let's try some unique poses that really allow you to explore balance, flexibility, strength and stretch.  There are a variety of standing, sitting, supine and prone poses to explore.  Have Fun Yogi!

Spell Your Name Yogi's

Here is the link to the Spell Your Name assignment

1 - Make sure you know the names of each posture

2 - Connect each letter of your name (If your name has fewer than 5 letters - do it twice)

3 - Flow into each posture - transitions and connections

4 - Begin standing

5 - Hold each posture for 5 counts

6 - Memorize the flow

7 - Perform the flow

PE Survey 2018

Here is the link for the dressing and participation survey - thank you for your time and honesty!

Dr. B


Here is a link to the handout you received in class.  Please review the information and be ready for a quiz!!  While having fun playing volleyball, we are also focusing on leadership, use of strategies, encouraging others, and improving personal skill development.


This is going to be a fun unit once we all understand HOW to play the game and have the BASIC SKILLS to play!



  Volleyball Overview




Thank you

Dr. B

Volleyball Assessments

Here is a list of the skills and tests that will determine your grade for our Volleyball unit.  I hope you will have fun playing for the next couple weeks! 


Skills Test (10 pts. Each)



_____Hit (General)

_____Serving (Over or Underhanded)


Knowledge Test (35 pts.)

_____Rules/Positions / Label Court Diagram (Written - 20 pts.)

_____Oral Quiz (Oral – 15 pts.)


Extra Credit

_____ Tournament Winning Team (10 pts.)




Be prepared to test and/or retest each of the following FitnessGram Tests: Mile/Pacers/Walk Test, Curl Ups, Push Ups, Height/Weight /BMI, Shoulder Stretch, and Sit and Reach Tests.


Bring your water and DRESS PROPERLY FOR TESTING!!!!

See you soon!
Dr. B

Muscles Quiz #2

Please follow the link to complete the Muscles Quiz.


Thank you!

Dr. B

Extra Credit - 5 4 Life Reading Guide

This is a rare opportunity to earn extra credit in my class -

Please open all 3 reading pages and the reading guide to complete the assignment.  You are to complete the reading guide (ELECTRONICALLY - Save it as a WORD doc using proper format - 54Life.LAST NAME.PERIOD) and send it to me as an attachment.  You will find these documents in the locker on the bottom left-hand side of my webpage.  Don't forget if you are having trouble opening the pages to click on the help at the top of the locker section.


Please complete the 5 4 Life Reading Guide and submit it electronically by Friday November 24, 2017 for credit.  This is a hard deadline! No late work accepted.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you!

Dr. B

QUOTE 2 - Google Classroom



Let's try something different - Below is the link for your class (Make sure you click on the right link I will not go looking for you!!!)

Please respond by commenting on the quote above yours then add your own.  I started the thread with a quote from Albert Einstein.  The next person will respond to my quote and add their own for credit on this assignment.  The next person will respond to the last posted quote and leave a quote for the next person.  This is due by Friday 11.17.17 11:59pm.  Don't forget to sign your name - Choose a fun font to sign your name!!  MAKE SURE TO RESPOND TO THE LAST POSTED QUOTE AS A CLASS COMMENT AND LEAVE A QUOTE FOR THE NEXT PERSON.  If you can't see it with the others....check to make sure your responded in the class comment section.


Hopefully this will be a successful way to have everyone participate in this assignment.

0 Period Link:

Period 1 Link:

Period 2 Link:

Period 3 Link:

Period 4 Link:

Period 5 Link:

Personal Quote - Due 11.1.17

Please research and select 1 quote that reflects You!  Who are you?

Please copy/cut and/or paste the quote (Include the picture if the quote is written on a picture) in a Word Document and Save it using the proper format (Quote.LastName.Period)


THEN... send me a Loop Mail with the same format (Quote.LastName.Period) in the Subject Line

FINALLY...Attach the saved Word Document (Browse/Select/Upload) and send it to me


Remember the library assignment - it is the same thing so if you need step by step instructions go to my locker and open up the instructions for the library assignment.


Don't forget to include your 3 adjectives / words that describe you



Dr. B

HOT SHOT #1 - Special Opportunity

Follow the link below and be one of the first five people to name each of the poses and perform the poses will get a prize.  Offer ends Wednesday, November 1st or before if 5 people have earned the prizes.

=) Thanks for checking your email

Dr. B


Hot Shot #1


Dr. Brookman's Syllabus

Please review the KEP/DANCE Syllabus and  send me an email to confirm/acknowledge the following information!

Thank you!

Dr. B


Today in the Library you will learn how to access my website, find/open documents, properly address an email to me, and send an email with an attachment.  I look forward to hearing from you!
=) Dr. B.

KPE Library Visit

Welcome to the library!  It is important for me to teach what I expect you to do in my class.  The purpose of our visit to the library is to learn how to access School Loop, compose a Word document, send an attachment, and send an email.  I expect all of your work and correspondences via email.  This allows me to document our progress as well as help prepare you for college!  If you don't finish during class, you may return to the library at lunch, after school or complete the task at home but it must be submitted by 9pm MONDAY NIGHT to earn credit.  This assignment will not be accepted late!


Let's get to work!

Dr. B

REMINDER: Online Check Assignment
Online Check

Please confirm that you were able to access this assignment by submitting an attached word document stating your name (First/Last), grade, period you have my class, and 2-3 interesting facts about yourself!


I have attached the Dance Syllabus for those who need a reminder or for new students in our class.


Thank you for completing this assignment on time! Late work will not be accepted for this assignment.


If you have a zero for the Email assignment in School Loop it is probably because you did not fill out the SUBJECT line correctly.  Please correct your email and resend the entire email including syllabus confirmation and Word document attachment by 3pm on Friday.  I will not accept late work for this.  Most of you chose not to follow the directions on the Library Visit Task page!  THIS IS IMPORTANT TO CORRECT NOW!


Reminder: 54Life Reading Notes are due by  Friday - Oct. 33rd. 3PM


Thanks and I hope this trip to the Library has helped you!

=) Dr. B


Hey Yogi...I'm really looking forward to our next unit which is Yoga and Pilates.  We will learn new poses, breathing techniques and develop a better understanding of how Yoga and Pilates can help you on your life-long fitness journey.  Please bring a water bottle to class every day to help flush your body of toxins that will be released during exercises and you may want to bring a towel to lay on if you would feel more comfortable.  I've been looking forward to this unit and I hope you will enjoy relaxing, stretching, and building a more flexible you!

Please read the article found in my locker and be prepared to discuss major ideas/topics with your peers very soon!  More info to come on this.

See you soon!

Dr. B

Yoga Journal 3

Fellow Yogi's

The Journal #3 document is in my locker - add this to your list!

All of these poses can be used for your final group demonstration.

=) Dr. B

Yoga Journal 2

We will complete Yoga Journal 2 in class  - The List is also located in Dr. Brookman's Locker

Thank you!

Yoga Journal 1

Please follow the guidelines provided in Dr. Brookman's Locker

Thank you!



Reminder that you need to memorize your 10 pose flow and transition gracefully from one pose into the next.  While you are working in a group, each member will receive an individual grade. Be prepared and plan for success - YOU KNOW THIS!  If you need a blank test form, look in my locker for the form you can type/write on!

Good Luck Yogis

Dr. B

Got an A in Class?

If you don't have an A in my still have time to turn in all zero assignments for credit to improve your current grade.  Please remember to correctly complete the subject line in the email (Title.LASTNAME.Period)  I will not open it if it is not in this format.  I tell you this time and time's one last chance to take responsibility for yourself and your grade!  I sure hope we eliminate a lot of zeros- that would really make me smile!

See you soon!
Dr. B


I was pleased to hear how many are enjoying our yoga unit!  I want to encourage you to stretch and review the exercises we did this week to increase your flexibility and comfort with the flow!  Thank you for the helpful input and for your concentrated efforts in class.  I greatly appreciate your support!


Enjoy your weekend!
Dr. B


First three to respond to this email will get a treat next week!  Thanks for checking in and responding!


Volleyball Rules

In my locker you will find the Volleyball rules lesson completed in class.  Please use this document as a reference when you are studying for the written and practical tests.  This is a fun unit and my classes are really doing a great job so far!  I look forward to setting up our teams and beginning a tournament next week! 

See you on the courts!

Dr. B


Thank you to so many of you who are planning ahead for our last week of swimming!  We are swimming all week to finish off our unit!

Enjoy your weekend!

Dr. B

Hey Swimmers...It's Almost Time!

In just a few short weeks our swimming unit will begin!  Please read the swimming letter explaining my expectations for the unit and what you will be taught and tested on, appropriate dress for the unit, consequences for not choosing to participate and some tips to help you prepare for success!.  This is a fun unit for beginners and advanced swimmers!

See you in the pool!

Dr. Brookman


Dr. Melissa Brookman
Dr. Melissa Brookman
New Yoga Vocab

Yoga Vocab for this week - Follow this link for a picture dictionary of our new postures to practice.


Practice your postures daily!!

Dr. B


Trouble Opening Up Docs?

If you are having trouble opening the documents in my locker then click on the appropriate [go] button located under my name in the locker.  These tools may help you open the docs.

=) Dr. B