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Joanne Levy Locker

Joanne Levy

Degrees and Credentials

BA in Philosophy    UC Santa Cruz

MA in Philosophy   UC Riverside

Education Specialist Credential: Cal State Fullerton

Multiple Subjects Credential: UC Riverside

Single Subject Credential in Foundational

Mathematics: Cal State Long Beach


Pre-Algebra and Earth Science

Pre-Algebra 8/9 

By the end of this course, students are adept at manipulating numbers and equations and understand the general principles at work. They know the Pythagorean theorem and solve problems in which they compute the length of an unknown side. They know and use different representations of fractional numbers (fractions, decimals, and percents) and are proficient at changing from one to another. They increase their facility with ratio and proportion, compute percents of increase and decrease, and compute simple and compound interest. They graph linear functions and understand the idea of slope and its relation to ratio. 




Earth Science 

Introductory principles of astronomy and Earth sciences will be explored, including the solar system, cosmology, plate tectonics, energy, biogeochemical cycles, the atmosphere, and California geology. Constructivist methods of teaching are employed to ensure the best possible comprehension and retention of science concepts. Science activities will be based on the California Science Content Standards as delineated in the California Science Framework and will apply the skills and techniques outlined in the Investigation and Experimentation Strand of the Content Standards. Successful completion of one year of Earth Science 1-2 meets the high school graduation requirement for physical sciences.

Instructor: Ms. Levy

Phone: 562-423-1471


Room 304

1st period: 7:50 - 9:16
6th period: 11:41 - 1:07