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Ide Dawn Locker

Ide Dawn

"The number one skill in life is not giving up."


My Background

     I have been teaching special education since 1991.  I have taught all levels, from preschool to high school.  I enjoy teaching all ages, but I have to say that high school age is my favorite.  Although I have experience teaching students in elementary general education, my heart is truly with students who have special needs.  Over the years, I have seen my students blossom and achieve things that many thought they were incapable of doing.  I set high standards, and I have found that if a student is truly motivated, they will rise to the occasion.


      I earned my Bachelor's Degree from CSULB in Spanish.  I started my career in education,in 1979, but decided to explore other opportunities in the non-profit sector before returning to the classroom in 1991.  I went on to earn my teaching credentials in special education and general education, K-5, and my Master's Degree in special education for students with mild to moderate disabilities.  I completed a certification in autism, which I found very valuable in serving the many needs in our special education classroom.  I consider my "seasoned" age and varied background an asset in teaching and communicating with students and their families who come from many different cultures.  I love teaching in Long Beach, an international, urban city.  I plan to be here for a few more years, and may even end up teaching the children of my students!

Ms. Ide Career Transition Specialist
Ms. Ide Career Transition Specialist