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Rosalia Rodriguez

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    My name is Rosalia Rodriguez, and I teach in the Foreign Language Department here at David Starr Jordan High School.  I teach Spanish to heritage speakers and International Baccalaureate students.  I received a B.A. from UC Irvine in May of 1996.  I was a substitue teacher for approximately three years at which time I decided I would like to make teaching my profession.  I completed my student teaching at Century High School in Santa Ana, California, and I received a teaching credential from UC Irvine in May of 2000.  June of 2009 will be the completion of my eighth year at Jordan High School.

    Latin culture, music, and the Spanish language itself are the things that move me the most about teaching our students.  I want my students to feel the passion of learning too.

    As a teacher of heritage speakers, I want them to relate their heritage language to English and discover in the process how similar they both are.  I live for the moment when I see that look of understanding on the face of a student, or when the student is able to articulate the objectiive of the lesson.

    I love to incorporate music in my lessons.  The Carribean beat of Celia Cruz, the boleros of Pedro Infante, the rich columbian sounds of Shakria, and the love songs of Maná are some of the creations of artists I use to demonstrate the richness of our common cultural diversity. 

    These are some of the things I feel most passionate about, especially when I can share them with my students.

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