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Scott Locker
9/21/12 11:20 AM

Mr. Scott

An Introduction to Mr. Scott 2018-19

An Introduction to Mr. David Scott


I have been an instructor of English for 38 years, 30 of which have been spent here at Jordan High School. I have 3 college degrees, my most recent being a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University [2009]. Good teachers never stop being students. I continue to attend numerous professional development workshops that keep my skills up to date. I bring a wealth of experience to the classroom and use it to meet the challenges inherent in teaching at a large urban high school.

To keep today’s student actively engaged requires a multifaceted approach. I believe in developing and nurturing an academic environment that promotes tolerance and respect for all individuals. I am a strong advocate of character education - my class mantra of “YOU become the SUM of your CHOICES - PRACTICE the POWER  of  CHOICE!” remains front and center in my room all year.

I incorporate the use of technology to keep up with a constantly evolving educational environment. I am a member of several internet groups which create and share the latest in effective classroom techniques and innovative teaching strategies. I make regular use of Chromebooks and have students work collaboratively in teams to complete rigorous and relevant assignments. In addition, through the practice of mindfulness, my students have the opportunity to develop the type of mental tools designed to help them navigate through the challenges of an increasingly complex society.

I am confident that active participation in my English classroom will help prepare your child for the challenges they will face. With your support and encouragement at home, along with the efforts of a dedicated staff here at Jordan, your child will be given every opportunity to reach their potential and realize their dreams.

I look forward to being a small part of your child’s success.


David Scott