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I am available for tutoring everyday during lunch.

Jesus Sandoval

Welcome to Chemistry 1-2

 chemistry plays a central role in the understanding of our scientific experience because is at the core of other sciences like biology, physics, geology, and more. Chemistry is the study of the properties of and interactions between matter and energy.

Learning by Experimenting

A place where matter interaction is explored

About Mr. Sandoval

I been teaching chemistry since 1993-1994 school year at this school. It has been an adventure since day one. I have a degree in mechanical engineering form California State University Northridge, and a masters in education from Concordia University. I have been a soccer coach, mentor, and MESA club advisor over the years. I am always available for my students. My classroom remains open during lunch for all my students- for tutoring or a place to stay during lunch.

Jesus Sandoval Locker