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Greg Hodel Locker

Greg Hodel

I started teaching math in 1997 at the Long Beach Preparatory Academy and I have been teaching at Jordan High School since 2000. I have taught all levels of math from Algebra to Calculus.

A student once told me a quote that he heard from a college professor that "nothing is easy or difficult - you either know how to do it or you don't." I emphasize this to my students to help them see that every person can learn and use math. There is no difficult math class if you know how to do the math. Learning math just takes consistent effort to learn and to be confident with the small steps that can be put together to take the long trips.

I have also found that many students find math confusing because they learn many parts of a concept, but they don't see how the parts are connected. The students use several strategies to help them connect concepts. One of these strategies is the chapter summary. In this assignment which is given in every chapter, students have to explain the concepts of the chapter using examples and written explanations. They have to make a tree map of the concepts and describe an application a concept that is used in a career or task.

Current Assignments