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Deidra Lukoff


 Primarily, I teach Algebra 1-2 at Jordan High. I began teaching on the South Side of Chicago in 1972(!). After I got married, we moved to the suburbs where I continued to teach until our first son (Alex) was born in 1980. His little brother (Kyle) followed in 1984 and I stayed home to raise them as well as volunteer in their schools.

 When Kyle went away to college, my home was suddenly empty and I found I disliked the silence and the lack of teenagers. We were living in Seattle at the time, so I taught Algebra there. My husband retired after that year and decided he wanted to live in California - hired the movers, flew down and interviewed in 2002. My first interview was at Jordan and it felt right - I felt a strong connection to the people and the place immediately. By the end of my interviews, I was offered positions at 2 different schools and I chose Jordan and never looked back.


Deidra Lukoff

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