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Quarter 1 late work!

Matthew Hedley

Art Teacher and JMAC Co-Lead Teacher

My name is Matt Hedley and I am a Art/Graphic Arts teacher here at Jordan High School. I have taught here at Jordan for the past twenty one years and I offer a rigorous, standards based curriculum for today's student. We here in the Art department try to give a meaningful experience in the arts that hopefully will broaden the horizons of our students.

What is JMAC?

JMAC is a small learning community that prepares students for success in today’s global marketplace by training students in academic and technological skills. 


JMAC students will be prepared to enter the 21st century job market or pursue higher education. 


Students will learn the latest in graphic design, web design, publishing, stage technology, and video production. 


JMAC students will apply their newly acquired technology to produce Stylus (Jordan’s award winning literary art magazine), JNET, (Jordan’s  News Entertainment Today video bulletin), Cat’s Purr (Jordan’s quarterly newspaper), and stage production (over 100 former students are now working within the entertainment industry).

Matthew Hedley Locker