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Steve Barrett

SDC English Course description


English SDC is designed specifically for the needs of students with mild/moderate disabilities who are at the beginning, early, and intermediate levels of listening, speaking, reading, and writing proficiency. Students in this course cover the essential content and utilize the same basic textbook as their general education counterparts supplemented with content-parallel materials at a simplified reading level. Additionally, primary language materials for ELL students will be provided, when available and as needed, to facilitate the preview and review of essential content. The course delivery varies in pacing, instructional methodology, and supplemental materials. It is designed to provide depth versus breadth of the content standards, and provide more modified content, comprehensible input, and literacy development in the content area.

Mission Statement

 Special Education promotes the mission of the Long Beach Unified School District for students at risk, including those with disabilities.  

Our job is to ensure the educational success of all students by having high expectations, a commitment to excellence, and a comprehensive program, confirming the belief that all students can learn and become responsible, productive members of a competitive society.

“Our kids can!”

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