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Physical Education

Physical Education Mission Statement

Our mission, as defined by the California State Framework for Physical Education, is to develop a physically educated person who has mastered the necessary movement skills to participate confidently in many different forms of physical activity, values physical fitness, and understands that both are intimately related to health and well-being.    

Physical Education Vision Statement

We believe the quality and productivity of each individuals life is enhanced through participation in a comprehensive physical education program that promotes the optimal growth and development in their physical, mental, emotional, and social well being. A developmentally appropriate physical education program empowers students to make wise choices, meet challenges, and exhibit positive behaviors in lifelong fitness and movement activity.

Physical Education Locker
2/5/19 8:02 AM
9/11/09 12:26 PM

P.E. Faculty

Contact Melissa Brookman  Melissa Brookman (562) 423-1471 ex: 2445/2249 KPE Teacher, PE Dept Chair
Contact Amy Dominetta  Amy Dominetta (562) 423-1471 ex: 2431 Physical EducationTeacher
Contact Curt Knowles  Curt Knowles (562) 423-1471 ex: 2430 Teacher
Contact Sharon Moore-Pulsifer  Sharon Moore-Pulsifer (562) 423-1471 ex: 2432 Physical Education Teacher: Intro KPE 9, Girls Athletic Director
Contact Marc Prager  Marc Prager (562) 423-1471 ex: 2736 Teacher