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JMAC Field Trips

10th Grade
May 12th, 2009
Museum of Tolerance

11th Grade
November 12, 2008
House of Blues

11th Grade
May 14th, 2009
Japanese American National Museum

 12th Grade
Grammy Museum
May 15, 2009

House of Blues Field Trip

JMAC Academic Plan

  • A - G requirements
  • Individualized education/career path
  • Career experience in education (field trips, guest speakers, projects)
  • Capstone projects featuring student’s accumulative work

Haunted House Pictures

October 2008 

JMAC Technology

 • Adobe Photoshop

• Adobe inDesign

• Adobe Illustrator

• iMovie

• Garageband

• Final Cut  

JMAC teachers are dedicated to providing the latest technology for graphic layout and video production. JMAC is currently working with the majority of the software listed and is also working on acquiring the latest versions in order to prepare JMAC students for the university and for the industries involved with graphics and video production.

Ms. Del Cid taking a break at the Metro Station on a Saturday JMAC Field Trip to Los Angeles.

JMAC Staff
  Sandra Del Cid (562) 423-1471 ex: 2850 English Teacher: English 5-6, CSU ERWC, Theory of Knowledge, JTown Running Club
  Inactive_Whitney Inactive_Gomes (562) 423-1471 ex: 2840 Social Studies Teacher
  Matthew Hedley (562) 423-1471 ex: 2846 Teacher-Digital Art and Imagery 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6
  Jodi Irish (562) 423-1471 ex: 2283/2282 Digital Art Teacher
  Raymundo Rodriguez (562) 423-1471 ex: 2104 Vice-Principal
  David Thuney (562) 423-1471 ex: 2405 Teacher

JMAC Senior Class President strikes a pose with the photogenic photographer...

JMAC Students

Stylus Artwork

Dodgeball 2009

 Wonder Woman

JMAC Attack attacking! 

 Go JMAC students!

 JMAC Attack Wins!

 Showin' JMAC Pride!


JMAC Wonder Women take on the JMAC Attack! JMAC Attack wins 3-2!

March 24, 2009 Dodgeball Tournament

For more Dodgeball highlights and details ...scroll down!

JMAC at 2009 Panther Pageant & Wins 2nd Place!

JMAC Senior represented Jordan Media Communication  for the 2009 Panther Pageant on Friday, March 13th. He rocked the house with his suit, banner, and his talent.... singing rock acapella. Frank is proud of being a JMAC student and won 2nd Place! We are all proud of you Frank for participating and showing your JMAC pride! 

Jordan Media & Communciation

What is JMAC?

JMAC is a small learning community that prepares students for success in today’s global marketplace by training students in academic and technological skills. 

JMAC students will be prepared to enter the 21st century job market or pursue higher education. 

Students will learn the latest in graphic design, web design, publishing, stage technology, and video production. 

JMAC students will apply their newly acquired technology to produce Stylus (Jordan’s award winning literary art magazine), JNET, (Jordan’s  News Entertainment Today video bulletin), Cat’s Purr (Jordan’s quarterly newspaper), and stage production (over 100 former students are now working within the entertainment industry).

 JMAC Teachers at Community Fair

October 2008

Mr. Barclift, Mrs. Del Cid, Ms. Irish, Mr. Thuney, Mr. Hedley

JMAC Students 2008

JMAC Students in Surf City Marathon February 1st, 2009

On Sunday, February 1st there were 18 students total from Jordan High School that participated in the Huntington Beach Surf City Marathon. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Stylus Staff 2008 - 2009

JMAC Super Powers enter Dodgeball Tournament!

March 24, 2009... JMAC Wonder Women took on the JMAC Attack team in the school gym during lunch time. The crowd was going wild and both the men and women of JMAC were there to represent! The JMAC Wonder Women team entered the court in their flashy red t-shirts with Coach  Del Cid and female students. The JMAC Attack team then strutted onto the scene with Coach Thuney and JMAC males. With the bleachers full, the JMAC Wonder Women won the first game out of five. The second game went to the JMAC Attack! With both teams tied at two.... who would win? The JMAC Attack stuck it out to win 3 out of 5 games and the chance to continue in the tournament! Give it up to all the JMAC players and all the supporters who showed up for the game! GO JMAC!

JMAC Archived Pages Locker
4/2/09 1:12 PM

 Lead Teachers 2008-09

  Matthew Hedley (562) 423-1471 ex: 2846 Teacher-Digital Art and Imagery 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6
  Jodi Irish (562) 423-1471 ex: 2283/2282 Digital Art Teacher

JMAC's Lead Teachers 

Global Communication 

JMAC Tutoring

 JMAC teachers are available every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Room 954, the JMAC lab.

Students are able to make up tests, complete homework classroom assignments, check schoolloop, and use the computers in the lab for research and for other projects. 

JMAC club also provides snacks and beverages to night school students as well as other students that are on campus. 

Come and check out the JMAC lab... it is a great place to get your assignments done!



 JMAC Recruiting

JMAC teachers visit and present to a variety of middle schools, the Jordan Freshman Academy, and at the annual School of Choice Fair. 

 Stylus Magazine Artwork

Stylus Cover

 Ms. Irish and Mr. Hedley

 Ms. Gomes and Mr. Thuney

 Back to School 

Ms. Irish, Super Mario, and Mr. Barclift gearing up for Saturday Field Trip to Los Angeles to celebrate The Day of the Dead.

 JMAC students planning out their silent movie storyboards.


 Go JMAC Wonder Women!

 Jordan student  goes downtown!

 JMAC senior attacks!

 Go Girls!

 JMAC Attack wins 3 - 2!