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Why Should You Graduate from High School and Go To College?

Every bit of education you get increases the chances you'll earn good pay!

The more education you have, the more likely it is you will always have a job!

Continuing your education after high school is much more important for your generation than it was for your parent's generation!

Education provides lots of benefits.  You will meet new people, take part in new opportunities, explore your interests and experience success!

Go Panthers!

Graduation Requirements

High School Course Selection Guide

A wealth of information regarding courses, graduation, college, and so forth can be found on the LBUSD High School Course Selection Guide.  This is a great place for students and families to begin as they work with their student's counselor to map out their high school academic plan.

LBUSD High School Course Selection Guide

Four Year Planning...and Beyond

Academic Standards for Counselors

Academic Development

Students will acquire attitudes, knowledge, and skills contributing to effective learning in school and across their lifespan.

Students will complete school with the academic preparation essential to choose from a wide range of post-secondary options, including college.

Students will understand the relationship of academics to the world of work and to life at home and in the community. 

Students will graduate from High School and go on to college.

Students will understand that the more education they have, the more likely it is they will have a job.

Students will recognize that continuing education after high school is much more important for their generation than it was for their parents’ generation.

Students will understand that education gives them a lot of benefits, including meeting new people, taking part in new opportunities to explore their interests, and experiencing success.

ASCA National Model website


Jordan CEEB Code

The Jordan CEEB Code is 051-465

You will need this number when you register for the ACT, SAT, NCAA, and for college applications!

Expected Lifetime Earnings*

Professional Degree

$4.4 Million

Doctoral Degree

$3.4 Million

Master’s Degree

$2.5 Million

Bachelor’s Degree

$2.1 Million

Associate’s Degree

$1.6 Million

Some College

$1.5 Million

High School Graduate

$1.2 Million

Non-High School Graduate

$1 Million

* Source: U.S. Census Bureau